The Ruby Testing Podcast

The Ruby Testing Podcast

On the Ruby Testing Podcast we discuss how to get started with testing as well as how to write better, more effective tests.

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    027 - Josh Justice of Big Nerd Ranch

    Josh and I discuss our experiences with Rails testing as well as testing front-end code and single-page applications.

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    026 - Zach Dennis

    In this episode, I talk with Zach Dennis about his experience with TDD, the benefits of test first vs test after, the pitfalls of being a TDD purist when working with a team, and giving yourself permission to do things in new and novel ways.

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    021 - Taking a Break

    I'm taking a break from a regular publishing schedule to work on some other things, including writing a Rails testing book.

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    020 - Josh Clayton of thoughtbot

    Josh Clayton and I talk about factories vs. fixtures, mystery guests, obscure tests, and Factory Bot.

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    018 - Ben Orenstein, Co-Founder of Tuple

    Ben and I talk about how to decide what to write tests for, how pair programming relates to testing, and Tuple, a tool Ben is working on to help facilitate remote pair programming.

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    015 - Testing Q&A with Listener Andrew Mason

    Listener and junior Rails developer Andrew Mason comes on the show to ask some questions about Rails testing. We discuss the difference between function/integration/unit tests, system tests vs. feature specs, some good testing books to read, and more.

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    014 - Chris Oliver, Creator of GoRails

    Me and Chris touched on about a billion topics in this episode including integration tests vs. unit tests, DRY in testing, dependency injection, Cucumber, and security.

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    011 - How Jason Charnes Got Started with Testing

    In this episode I talk with Jason Charnes, organizer of the Southeast Ruby conference and co-host of the Remote Ruby podcast, about how he got started with testing.

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    010 - Selenium and QA with Zach Attas

    In this episode I talk with Zach Attas, Senior Test Engineer, about QA, Selenium, SitePrism and a number of other things.

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    008 - Adam Hawkins - Where, What and How to Test

    Me and Adam Hawkins talk about where, what and how to test. Adam brought up some interesting ideas I hadn't thought about before including not only testing your code but testing your deployment pipeline.

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    002 - Noel Rappin, Author of Rails 5 Test Prescriptions

    In this episode I talk with Noel Rappin, author of Rails 5 Test Prescriptions, about how Noel got started in testing in the early 2000s, how Noel approaches unit tests vs. integration tests, testing JavaScript code in a Rails environment, as well as a number of other topics.

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    001 - How Todd Siegel Got Started with Testing

    In this episode I talk with Todd Siegel, freelance developer from Denver, about how Todd got started in testing, how testing saves development time, how we approach writing tests for a fresh Rails project, and RSpec vs. other testing frameworks.

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